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Looking for Container Trucking? These motor carriers have an interchange to dray import / export & intermodal equipment from ocean ports and railroad terminals. Whether you need power-only to move trailers or container on chassis drayage, or just dray rates; browse this directory for free. A few of the 5861 drayage truckers listed include ARL, Intermodal Cartage, Evans Delivery, Universal Intermodal, etc. We make finding drayage carriers easy: more-->


How much $ was paid to railroads for ramp storage in Chicago? just for the month of August over $12 million: https://www.drayage.com/resources/money_paid_for_terminal_storage.cfm?metro=CHI
November 7, 2022 - "Intermodal Update - Part 2" now posted covering: Drayage Demand Declining (pg7) Drayage Trucking Stats (pg18)
Drayage Driver Bill of Rights (pg21)
Where did the Chassis go? (pg26)
Why Railroads will never change (pg28)
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April 25, 2022 - "Intermodal News Report" covering:
IMC/FF/NVO/3PL/Draymen news; update on the private and rail owned 53' container fleets, why the huge 34,000 x 53' increase last year; demand for drayage; fragmentation of the Drayage market & the problem of 'dispatch services':
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